Tackaberry customizes training programs to meet your specific goals.  We have the ability to bring along young horses as well as re-school older hunters, and jumpers.  Whether your horse needs just a few schooling rides or a full training program, we will work with you to try to create a horse who understands their job and is a willing and enjoyable partner.

Tackaberry Farm travels to many local and away ‘A’ rated shows in Western North America.
Prices effective September 2018.

Lessons and Training:
Individual lessons / training sessions $60 each.
Individual Training Ride $45
Partial training (2 lessons or training sessions per week does NOT include day fees) $480 per month
Full training (3 to 4lessons or training sessions per week includes horse show day fees) $675 per month
Custom training (5 to 6 lessons or training sessions per week includes horse show day fees) $950 per month

Additional / Optional Fees
Lunging or hand walking $20-$50 depending on circumstance

Late Payment 10% of your invoice will be added for every 30 days your invoice is late

Competition Fees – Mandatory
Coaching fee $75 per day (unless this is included in your training package)
Set up fee $35-$75 split among horses attending each show. Includes moving hay, grain, set up of stalls including matts, tack rooms, tent and furniture.
Feeding/watering/stall clean 3x $35 per day
Show Fee Trainer Split: direct costs including tack stall, show feed/hay and bedding as applicable

Out-of-Town Competitions
Travel Trainer Split: direct costs for trainer accommodation split between all horses showing

Purchase / Selling / Leasing Fees
Sale/lease of horse (if using trainer as agent) 10% of overal price
Purchase of horse (if using trainer as agent) 10% of purchase price
Food, travel and accommodations of trainer - As applicable

**HORSE SHOW TANTRUMS - Includes having a tantrum(crying, screaming, backtalk, absuing your horse etc) or inducing a tantrum will result in an additional $75.00 fee added to your horse show bill.