Tackaberry customizes training programs to meet your specific goals.  We have the ability to bring along young horses as well as re-school older hunters, and jumpers.  Whether your horse needs just a few schooling rides or a full training program, we will work with you to try to create a horse who understands their job and is a willing and enjoyable partner.

Tackaberry Farm travels to many local and away ‘A’ rated shows in Western North America.
Prices effective April 2015.

Lessons and Training:
Individual lessons / training sessions $60 each. With Katherine $55 each
Individual Training Ride $45
Partial training (2 lessons or training sessions per week does NOT include day fees) $480 per month
Full training (3 to 4lessons or training sessions per week includes horse show day fees) $675 per month
Custom training (5 to 6 lessons or training sessions per week includes horse show day fees) $950 per month

Additional / Optional Fees
Treadmill: $150 per month
Lunging or hand walking $20-$50 depending on circumstance

Late Payment 10% of your invoice will be added for every 30 days your invoice is late

Competition Fees – Mandatory
Coaching fee $75 per day (unless this is included in your training package)
Set up fee $35-$75 split among horses attending each show. Includes moving hay, grain, set up of stalls including matts, tack rooms, tent and furniture.
Feeding/watering/stall clean 3x $35 per day
Show Fee Trainer Split: direct costs including tack stall, show feed/hay and bedding as applicable

Out-of-Town Competitions
Travel Trainer Split: direct costs for trainer accommodation split between all horses showing

Purchase / Selling Fees
Sale of horse (if using trainer as agent) 10% of sale price
Purchase of horse (if using trainer as agent) 10% of purchase price
Food, travel and accommodations of trainer - As applicable

**HORSE SHOW TANTRUMS - Includes having a tantrum(crying, screaming, backtalk, absuing your horse etc) or inducing a tantrum will result in an additional $75.00 fee added to your horse show bill.

Young Horse Starting

This includes all training necessary to prepare a young horse to be ridden. Skills that your horse will learn are as follows:

Ground Training - leading, bending, lateral stepping, halting, turn on forehand and turn on haunches, rein back, rein contact, clipping, loading, and lunging.
Preparing for the First Rides - saddling, bridling and backing; introduces the young horse to the saddle, bridle, rein contact, balance on a line, balance with a rider, and rein aids.
The Foundation Rides - The first 30 rides will introduce your horse to the walk, trot and canter, yielding to the aids, balance under a rider, becoming familiar with the arena environment, and learning a work ethic.

The trainers here at Tackaberry Farm have extensive experience in the starting of young horses for both dressage and jumping. Our goal is to teach the horse how to be ridden, guided and to have them understand the aids of riding that the horse will need to know for future higher levels. Our philosophy is that all young horses are FEI Horses in training not Young Horses at Training Level and that the foundation they learn will be recalled throughout their lives.